Tricky - Keep Your Mouth Shut (w/ Björk)


Tricky ft. Björk - Keep Your Mouth Shut


I don’t talk much about my punk culture roots, cuz I don’t try to shove my personal shit down nobody’s throat. But…  Just allow me one BRIEF moment to bitch about being an alternative black girl, I need to get this shit off my chest.

I CAN NOT STAND when I go out with my friends & they do lines in the bathroom or pop pills on the dance floor & just cuz I’m hella straight edge they expect me to babysit them while they “party.” The last thing I wanna worry about is who u’re gonna hook up with once u get fucked up. I’m not babysitting. I’ll leave yo ass. And when u get knocked up I ain’t going with u to Planned Parenthood. Invite the bitch who sold u the pills.

I CAN NOT STAND when I go to a concert and just cuz I’m the only black girl there people feel the need to point it out or tell self-deprecating white jokes or feel the need to give me info about the band as if I couldn’t possibly be a bigger fan than them. Mofos think they’re SO bad ass. Til at the end of the show they see me chilling with the band & they’re standing on the sidelines looking butthurt.

I CAN NOT STANNNND when people call me a “Black Punk” or “Black Rocker.” Dude. I get it. I’m Black. But when u feel the need to constantly put my race before everything I am, I automatically look at u like u ain’t even on my level, and I can’t help but talk down to u accordingly.

I CAN NOT STAND when people say “U aren’t punk!” as if they get to define what it means. Just cuz I don’t got a half sleeve tattoo and a Def Leppard tee like half the posers who u consider rockers don’t mean shit. Nobody signs up to be alternative as fuck, it takes years to be ok with just not fitting in. There was a time in my life where people were calling me names & sticking gum in my books and shit, & nobody accepted me except punks and goths. Why should I change now? My music blends all my influences, not just rock, but when u look at me & the way I am, there ain’t shit about me that ain’t counter-culture and b-girl as hell. Punk is a lifestyle, not a combination of fashion tips u picked up from a style magazine.

IT FEELS SOOO GOOD to say this publicly. I don’t mean to shade nobody, y’all know I’m all laughs & smiles and booty grabs. But even I know that every once in a while, it pays to keep it trill.

Merry Clayton - Sho' Nuff


Merry Clayton - Sho Nuff

Liv Warfield - BlackBird


Liv Warfield - Blackbird

Nikki Lynette - My Reputation


Nikki Lynette - My Reputation

Um, so what you’re telling me is I should care you disagree with the way that I live?  Hang my head in shame and maybe go and repent, say a couple Hail Marys and start over again?