LIVING COLOUR - Love And Happiness

Living Colour - Love & Happiness

Foo Fighters - Drive Me Wild


Foo Fighters - Drive Me Wild

Foo Fighters - Enough Space


Foo Fighters - Enough Space

PAPERMAG: Talking Style & Stage Fright With New It Band Phox

Even after touring the country for a year straight, stage-fright still plagues Monica a bit, though you’d never be able to tell. “I always hear the classic, ‘As soon as I hit the stage, there’s an explosion of fireworks and I’m totally in the moment!’ I admire that and wish that was my reality, but there’s a large part of me that’s doubtful. It’s on an incline though. During our very first show, I couldn’t look up at all, then I starred at the ceiling. Now I’m a little better.” And if all else fails, there’s always alcohol. “Every show I feel more safe to be myself. I just have some liquid courage and have a good time.” [Read More]

Letlive. - H. Ledger


letlive - H. Ledger

“Let’s just say I never got an angel
I’ve got some skeletons myself
But I display them on the shelf”

Cody ChesnuTT - That’s Still Mama (2013)