Punks Of Color: An Interview with chris zizzamia


an interview with chris zizzamia on the series Punks of Color, on his punk experiences, and where he hopes this will all lead.

Honeychild Coleman: Comin’ Thro’ The Rye (Scotish Folk Standard)


This is my friend from Brooklyn, Carolyn “Honeychild” Coleman

playing at the ASCAP Music Cafe at Sundance. I originally worked for her when she was in New York shoegaze band Apollo Heights. She is currently in original ‘77 punk band The Slits and her superpowers include: (a) putting up with my shit on long road trips and (b) playing guitar better than any man I’ve met. Bonus superpower is knowing a shit ton about Oi Punk and Sham 69.. Mad respect.

image copyright: ascap

Death - Keep On Knocking


Death - Keep On Knocking