Punks Of Color: An Interview with chris zizzamia


an interview with chris zizzamia on the series Punks of Color, on his punk experiences, and where he hopes this will all lead.

Honeychild Coleman: Comin’ Thro’ The Rye (Scotish Folk Standard)


This is my friend from Brooklyn, Carolyn “Honeychild” Coleman

playing at the ASCAP Music Cafe at Sundance. I originally worked for her when she was in New York shoegaze band Apollo Heights. She is currently in original ‘77 punk band The Slits and her superpowers include: (a) putting up with my shit on long road trips and (b) playing guitar better than any man I’ve met. Bonus superpower is knowing a shit ton about Oi Punk and Sham 69.. Mad respect.

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Death - Keep On Knocking


Death - Keep On Knocking

William DuVall Helps Tell the Story of Neon Christ and Atlanta Hardcore


Atlanta’s Punk Scene Makes it to the Big Screen

David CarrDavid Carr, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Feb 11, 2011 

You may know William DuVall as the lead vocalist for the resurrected Alice In Chains, but what you may not know is that William DuVall cut his musical teeth in the 80’s punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta. DuVall played guitar in the underground band Neon Christ during the 80’s and the band was a mainstay in the punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta. DuVall has gotten together with director Edgar Johnson to not only do a documentary on his old band, but to also shine the light on the inclusive and explosive punk scene in Atlanta…READ MORE BELOW: